Yap Island

The Island of Yap, ruled by Monarch in Exile Marshall O'Keefe. In 1871, Irish-American sailor David O'Keefe was shipwrecked on Yap. O'Keefe noted the Yapese fondness for donut-shaped stone money. He organized expeditions of Yapese workers to Palau to extract the stone and then carve it into the circular shapes that functioned as money on Yap. He also developed new techniques for rolling the stone money from the excavation sites to the awaiting ships. He traded this stone money for sea cucumbers and copra. O'Keefe developed a lucrative trading enterprise with the Asians. However, the stone money procured with O'Keefe's help was not worth as much as the stone money quarried in the Pre-O'Keefe era.

The head of the modern-day Yap Government In Exile is His Majesty Marshall O'Keefe. In addition to being the King of Yap, His Majesty O'Keefe holds the title Lord Protector of Micronesia.

Although the O'Keefe Monarchy no longer seeks economic or territorial aggrandizement, nevertheless H.M.O'K. feels it would be irresponsible not to take the opportunity given to him by virtue of his position to help the peoples of the world toward Light, Life, Liberty, and Love.

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